Sunday, September 24, 2017

Writing a Family History Book

Notebooks and Journals for Writing, 2017
Genealogy friends have begun to ask me if I am giving up on blog writing. Let me assure you that I am not doing that. I am going to cut back on blog posts because, like many other genealogists, I am having trouble keeping up with new information that is coming to light and doing that little thing called having a life. 

With a big birthday fast approaching, I do think my time is well spent by writing my family history, so I am going to be writing specific blog posts in all of my blogs. I will be posting them to Facebook so that everyone can see but with changes coming on, it is easier for me to not to stick to a specific day, like Tombstone Tuesday anymore.  I am doing some of my writing longhand and then putting sections of it into Scrivener. 

Gravestones are my passion but my readership is down as so many people have taken gravestone photos for Find a Grave. People are doing a great job. They are starting to photograph newer gravestones for those who have passed away since 1940 and that is helping people find information to prepare for the 1950 census.

I am working on my maternal grandparents and their families and so in the coming weeks, I will be showing those gravestones in this blog and why you need to continue to take gravestone photos and post them online.

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