Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Tombstone Tuesday: Anna SMITH

Row #2, Grave #308-10-026, GPS 41.41690 N - 71.97188 W (
Transcript from Hale Survey)
 Williams, Anna, relict of Seth and formerly relict of Isaac Gallup,
died Dec. 21, 1848, age 83 yrs. 13 da.
photo by Brian Zoldak, used with permission
The term RELICT is used to indicate widow (or widower) and I seldom see it twice on one gravestone. But, as I am researching this family, I realized that I have seen this "double widow" on another gravestone of a Gallup family member in a different cemetery.

Anna SMITH, daughter of Nehemiah SMITH and Abigail AVERY outlived both of her husbands and is buried next to her first husband, Isaac GALLUP, Esq. with the same style gravestone of urn and weeping willow as his. 

Anna's first husband was Isaac GALLUP, Esq. They had ten children.

After Isaac passed away in 1814, Anna married again, in 1825, to Seth WILLIAMS (1761-1843), which is why this gravestone lists her as Anna WILLIAMS. Because he is not a Gallup, he is only mentioned as Anna's second husband.

Remember this cemetery I am researching is for Gallup family members, their spouses and descendants. 

For Seth's information, I had to turn, once again, to the History of Stonington to research him. There were two Williams families in the Stonington area. Seth (#39, page 684) was of the William Williams family, but Seth's first wife was Abigail Williams (#457, p. 680) of the Robert Williams family. Abigail died in 1819. 

The 1800 census for Groton, CT lists Seth Williams and on the next line his father William Williams.

Abigail's parents were cousins and both named Williams!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Isaac GALLUP, Esq.

Row #2, Grave #308-10-025, GPS 41.41690 N - 71.97188 W
(Transcript from Hale Survey)
Gallup, Isaac, died Aug. 3, 1814, age 71
(Note: The Hale has his age at death as 71, and the stone has 72)

photo by Brian Zoldak, 2014, used with permission

Capt. Isaac Gallup, Esq. was my 6th great uncle, a captain in the Revolutionary War, father of ten children and was 71 when he passed away. Several of his children are buried in this cemetery including Capt. Avery, Elias and Shubael Gallup.

He served in Parson's Regiment as a 1st Lieut. until he became Capt. and served at Roxbury, The Battle of Long Island and the Battle of White Plains. He is listed in the book:  Groton, CT 1705-1905 by Charles R. Stark on pages 248-249.

A son of Col. Benadam GALLUP (1716-1800) and Hannah AVERY(1718-1799) who are also buried here. All 10 of their children lived to adulthood. One son, Isaac GALLUP, Jr. also has Esq. on his gravestone but he is not buried here.

Today, we attribute, Esq. to persons in the field of law but it may be likely that he was a landowner and prominent member of the community.

The Gallp Genealogy (2009) lists him as #641 and his family is listed on pages 177-1779. Wheeler's History of Stonington, CT lists this family on page 390.

His gravestone is is very good shape and features a lovely willow and urn.  He must have many descendants.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Tombstone Tuesday: Shubael GALLUP

Row #2, Grave #308-10-024, GPS 41.41691 N - 71.97189 W
 (Transcript from Hale Survey)
Gallup, Shubael, born Mar. 6, 1802, died May 23, 1882

photo by Brian Zoldak, 2014, used with permission
Shubael is brother to Elias Gallup and is buried next to him. This gravestone must have been broken and repaired but fortunately, it did not harm the names and dates. In contrast to his brother's early death, Shubael lived until he was 80 years old and that made all the difference in finding out about his life.

I noticed right away that there are no wives buried with him.  The 1870 census (at his age of over 60 years) tells me he was an auctioneer in Norwich, Connecticut and a city directory entry for 1861 states the company was "Gallup and Geer."

The Gallup (2009) genealogy gives his wife as Sarah M. ISHAM, daughter of John and Elizabeth (Gilbert) ISHAM of Colchester, New London, CT. 

However the Gallup (1893) genealogy lists a different wife for Shubael, who was Mrs. Fanny S. CHURCH.
Gallup (1893) genealogy, out of copyright, Google Books.

It is possible that he divorced Sarah in 1868. 

In 1880, he is back living in Ledyard, CT , as a boarder, in the household of Isaac GEER. He is 78 years old.  He dies in Ledyard in 1882 and is buried in the Gallup cemetery.

Thursday, July 16, 2015


Row #2, Grave #308-10-023, GPS 41.41694 N - 71.97192 W
(Transcript from Hale Survey) Gallup, Elias, born Apr. 14, 1798, died Apr. 16, 1837, age 39
photo by Brian Zoldak, 2014, used with permission

Elias Gallup is the father of the infant gravestone posted previously
This is one of my favorite gravestones in the cemetery because the italic script is still easy to read and because his birth and death date are both on the stone. The flat top was common in this period of time and the box around his name and the comma after it make it easily read.

Sadly, Elias died at 39 years and left a widow, Fanny DEAN, who was from a prominent Stonington family and a little girl, Emma, who was only two when her father died. Fanny is buried in Evergreen Cemetery in Stonington. Because she was not buried with her husband or her infant son, I sought out her place of burial at Find a Grave. 

She died in 1862 outliving her daughter who died in 1859. Emma was married to John Sayles and they had a daughter named Emma Gallup Sayles. 

Fanny's parents were Jesse Dean and Nancy Denison. Elias's parents were Isaac Gallup, Esq. and Anna Smith. Isaac and Anna are buried here in Gallup Cemetery #10. 

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Tombstone Tuesday: Elias and Fanny's Son

Row #2, Grave #308-10-022, GPS 41.41695 N - 71.97193 W
(Transcript from Hale Survey)
 Gallup, infant son of Elias & Fanny, died Mar. 4, 1830
(Note the Hale has the date of death as 1830 and the stone has 1831)
With two baby gravestones next to each other, it would have been hard to be sure which son belonged with each family. Brian Zoldak's excellent photographs of these tiny gravestones are so clear there is no doubt in my mind as to who their parents were.

The Gallup (2009) genealogy lists this infant son's possible birth year as about 1829 probably based on the marriage of his parents in 1828. As Brian notes (in the caption above) the Hale Cemetery record lists the death date of 1830 perhaps because that part of the stone was underground at that time?

With this great photograph it is so clear that he was the son of Elias Gallup and his wife Fanny and that he died on 4 March 1831. 

This baby boy is next to his father's gravestone. His mother was Fanny DEAN and she is not buried in this cemetery as she outlived her husband. She is buried in Evergreen Cemetery in Stonington, Connecticut.

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Tombstone Tuesday: infant son of Luke and Catherine

Row #2, Grave #308-10-021, GPS 41.41695 N - 71.97193 W
(Not Recorded in Hale) infant son of Luke & Catharine Gallup, died Feb. 14, 1840
photo by Brian Zoldak, 2014, used with permission
Unrecorded by the person or the team that surveyed this cemetery on private land, I think this stone was long face down and underground until the Gallup Cemetery folks, unearthed it and set it upright or perhaps the recorder thought it was a footstone and skipped it.

This is my photograph of this gravestone. You can see how small it is. 
infant son gravestone by Midge Frazel, 2009

The Gallup (2009) genealogy lists no child for Catharine and Luke Gallup. This gravestone is next to Catharine as it should have been placed in 1840. 

infant/son of/ Catharine and Luke Gallup/ died Feb. 14, 1840.

Friday, July 03, 2015

Revolutionary War: Stephen Avery

Stephen Avery, Town Clerk

Revolutionary War:  Stephen Avery
Previous Blog Post
History of Stonington, Connecticut by Richard A. Wheeler, p. 208

This Independence Day, I'd like to give special thanks for this man, Stephen Avery, Esq, patriot of the Revolutionary War, who lived a lifetime of service to Stonington and North Stonington, Connecticut. 

He was my 1st cousin, 7 times removed. Buried in Great Plain Cemetery in North Stonington, CT with both of his wives, he was easy to find on my trips to that cemetery. He is buried just behind my 4th great grandparents, Nathan Steward and his wife Barbary Palmer. Not everyone can find the gravestones of their 4th great grandparents, complete with footstones. Then, I noticed this gravestone. 

As town clerk and justice of the peace, Stephen Avery married Nathan and Barbary's son, Edward Stewart to Rebecca Noyes on 15 Feb 1801 and left behind for me to find in our family Bible, the handwritten marriage "certificate" written with a flourish and folded in a tiny envelope. If you are a genealogist, you know how important having a handwriting sample is! 

Does this handwritten certificate look like the same handwriting in this ledger page? I think so. Happy July 4th!

Thursday, July 02, 2015

Catharine Davis Gallup

Row #2, Grave #308-10-020 GPS 41.41694 N - 71.97193 W
(Transcript from Hale Survey)
 Gallup, Catharine, wife of Luke, died Sept. 13, 1848, age 47

photo by Brian Zoldak, 2014, used with permission
Catharine DAVIS born about 1801 or 1802 in nearby Westerly, Rhode Island is listed in the Barbour Index for page 55 with no birth date and just a place.  She died 13 September 1848 at age 47.

Catharine was the second wife of Luke Gallup. They were married (Barbour Index) 13 Nov 1836 by William Williams, Justice of the Peace. I don't know if Mr. Williams was the same person as the father of Luke's first wife, Melinda.

Catharine's first name is not always spelled in her two records with the a but as Catherine. 

Luke and Catharine had an infant son but no other children but of course, she raised several of the children from Luke's first marriage.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tombstone Tuesday: Melinda Williams

Row #2, Grave #308-10-019, GPS 41.41698 N - 71.97194 W
(Transcript from Hale Survey)
 Gallup, Helinda, wife of Luke, died Dec. 16, 1835, age 42
 (Note: The Hale has her name as Helinda when it should be Melinda)
Melinda WILLIAMS, daughter of Lt. William Williams and his wife Mrs. Prudence Stanton Fanning (History of Stonington, William Williams family, p.683) was born 8 Sept 1793 in Ledyard, New London, CT. She was the first wife of Luke Gallup and the mother of all but one of his children. 

As you can see, Melinda died at age 42 on 16 Dec 1835 in Ledyard, New London, CT. She is buried next to her husband.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Tombstone Tuesday: Luke Gallup

Row #2, Grave #308-10-018 GPS 41.41698 N - 71.97195 W
(Transcript from Hale Survey) Gallup, Luke, died Feb. 6, 1869, age 74 yrs. 9 mos. 19 da.

Photo by Brian Zoldak, 214, used with permission

"Dear husband, thou are gone to rest,..."

Words on this gravestone could have written by anyone of Luke's three wives, but probably the wife that survived him, named Mary chose them for his gravestone that matches hers in style and period and is next to hers. She outlived him but died in 1870.

Luke was the son of Nehemiah Mason Gallup and his wife Elizabeth Brown and was born 17 Apr 1794 in Groton, New London, CT (Gallup Genealogy (1987) gives his full birth date and place #7-533). His gravestone tells us he was 74 years, 9 months and 19 days old when he died.

All three wives are buried here, Mary (grave #17), Catherine (grave # 18), and Melinda/Helinda (grave #19) His second wife, Catherine bore him an infant son, but the rest of the children were from his first marriage. 

Luke served in the Connecticut Militia of the War of 1812. Luke was my 2nd cousin 6 times removed.

The 1850 census tells us that he was a farmer in Ledyard with a real estate value of $3,000 (more than $71,000 today) and the 1860 census confirms this and tells us, his personal estate was worth $2,000 ($51,000 today). He was a prosperous man that had eight children born to him.  His last child, named Bridget is still unmarried as of the 1860 census and living with he and his wife Mary.