Monday, April 21, 2014

On Vacation

On Vacation by midgefrazel

On Vacation!

Granite in MY Blood will be on a Blogging VACATION

from April 22 to April 28

Midge will return for Tombstone Tuesday on
April 29

Tombstone Tuesday: American Patriot Thomas Bent

Tombstone Tuesday: Thomas and Mary Bent (Revolutionary War Family)

Died Wednesday Morning

Photo of the double grave of Thomas Bent and his wife Mary,
North Cemetery, Wayland, 2012. Collection of Midge Frazel

This double stone lies outside of the cemetery proper, along the road, which is clearly eroding it faster, as you can see when you look at the photo by Bill Boyington (Find a Grave Memorial).  Notice the flags and the SAR flag holders next to the stone. At the top it says, "Memento mori", and the two winged effigies are of different styles considering this stone was carved at the same time. The words, "In Memory of" span both sides of the gravestone. 
It was easy to find information about this couple who died on the same day (buried in the same grave), 26th July, 1775. NEHGS has them in a manuscript collection of cemetery transcriptions (2002) which gives their birth dates and her parents first names. The vital records of death Wayland, list this family and this cemetery (GR#1)

But, when I did  a Google Book search, I came up with this source (1907) and the information about WHY they died on the same day!

Google Books, out of copyright.
Google Books, out of copyright, 1907, page 235

It would have taken me a long time to research this gravestone if it wasn't for the easily found information online. I wonder how many people have stood in front of this grave and wondered why they died on the same day? I would have guessed smallpox.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Sentimental Sunday: Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, 2014, from our family to yours!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Weeping Willow: Althea PARMENTER

Parmenter Family
Re-post from 2012

Althea PARMENTER by midgefrazel 
Althea PARMENTER, a photo by midgefrazel on Flickr.
 Miss Althea PARMENTER

Althea rests with her parents and siblings in the Evergreen Cemetery in Marlborough, MA.

She was named for her baby sister (#1124) who died three years before she was born (in 1803). Parmenter genealogy # 1126 p. 79) Althea was baptized 21 Sept 1806, having been born the month before and was buried the day after she died.

In memory of/Miss Althea,/daugh.of Mr. Ezekiel/& Mrs. Kezia Parmenter./who died/Feb. 4, 1836,/AEt. 29 yrs. & 6 ms.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Weeping Willow: Sally D. PARMENTER

Parmenter FamilyRe-post from 2012

Sally D. PARMENTER by midgefrazel
Sally D. PARMENTER, a photo by midgefrazel on Flickr.

This weeping willow motif with the "headboard and bed posts" is common for the early 19th century slate gravestones. Douglas Keister's book (Stories in Stone, p. 67) tells me that the weeping willow tree represents the Christian gospel because the tree itself will flourish and remain whole no matter how many branches are cut off.

I am using Sally's gravestone today because of the Parmenter Adventure that I began last fall and now have more information about the people who are buried in Marlborough in Evergreen Cemetery. This cemetery is on Wilson St. and is known as Wilson Cemetery because the land was a farm at one time.
Sally Dalrymple PARMENTER 

Buried in the row with her parents (Ezekiel and his wife Keziah Parmenter), is this lovely weeping willow gravestone.

Forever sleeping here is Sally, who sadly died at the age of 24 on December 23, 1836. According to the Parmenter Genealogy (#1129, p. 79) she was born 4 Aug 1812 in Marlborough and was single when she died.

Her heart wrenching verse readsAlas! another daughter's gone; But we do trust our loss her gain; In full assurance of God's love, She left this World for that above.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Snow, really?

Photo collection of Midge Frazel, 2008

Snow, Really?

Last night, the snow hitting the windows woke me up from a sound sleep. For this late Easter week, this is a nasty surprise. 

What, now seems so long ago, in 2008, my son-in-law brought me a bouquet of colorful flowers for our Easter breakfast.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tombstone Tuesday: Flora, 94 years old

Tombstone Tuesday: Flora

Flora a photo by Midge Frazel, 5 Oct 2012

Sometimes, an amazing gravestone just catches my eye as I am walking through a cemetery. At the time, I took this photo, I did not try to look it up in the Vital Records to 1850 of Massachusetts.

Since this area is now Wayland and was once Sudbury, I decided to look in the vital records of Wayland first. I immediately went to the last page where many unidentified deaths are recorded and found her. That was easy, I thought. So I went back to the main page and searched and found her listed as Flora "Negroes".

Such a lovely stone. Flora deserves to be remembered for her long life, prior to 1850. Rest in Peace.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sentimental Sunday: Rosedale Apartments

Photo from the collection of Midge Frazel, 1962
Sentimental Sunday: Rosedale Apartments

In the early months of 1958, my widowed grandmother sold her beautiful home at 205 Wentworth Ave. in Edgewood near Roger Williams Park in Cranston, RI and moved to the Rosedale Apartments. This is the only photo I have of the whole complex and it doesn't fit in the photo. She eventually moved to two other apartments in the building before she turned 80 and moved in with my parents. 

Rosedale still exists as Rosedale Landing and has been historically preserved to the Art Deco style you see in this building. [Video]

In 1958, she was 65 years old which is a year younger than I am now. It must have been winter when she moved because I remember the first holiday there was Easter. I was 10 years old and they bought me a small record player that played vinyl 45 RPM records. 

My mother was very sad to have her mother leave the big house because I think she would have liked to move back and live there. 

This weekend, the superintendent of the apartment complex's granddaughter found me on Facebook. I am stunned. I don't even use my first name that she would have called me. I walked over to the photograph box and easily pulled a photo of her with her brother taken when they came to visit us at the beach at Bonnett Shores. I must have taken this photo because it is a bit out of focus. The rest of the story can wait for another day. But, what an Easter memory!

Photo from the collection of Midge Frazel

Double Weeping Willow

Photo by Midge Frazel, North Cemetery, Wayland, MA

Double Weeping Willow

As you can see, this is an unusual variation on the regular weeping willow motif. The willow is split into two branches, perhaps to symbolize grief for both parents losing this little daughter.
Photo by Midge Frazel, 2012
Notice, that the SAR marker and flag is on the wrong grave. Somewhere along the line, this flag marker was moved from a nearby grave of a Revolutionary War veteran. This is the danger of making an assumption that the grave you are photographing is that of a veteran.

Almira or Almary SMITH was born to Joseph and Polly SMITH on 17 Feb 1822 and died 30 Dec 1823, at one year and 10 months. The Vital record for both birth and death is recorded in Wayland and this gravestone can be found in the North cemetery in Wayland, MA.

Friday, April 11, 2014

1865 RI State Census Mercy Hall

1865 RI State Census Crop by midgefrazel
1865 RI State Census, Hall family, Westerly, RI.

Mercy Perkins Hall

In yesterday's post, I showed the heading for this page of the RI State Census of 1865 for the household of Alvah Taylor's family of Main St. Westerly, RI. Mr. Taylor is the father-in-law of Keziah Hall, whose mother was Mercy Perkins, widow of Stanton Hall. With the help of Barbara Fallon, my cousin from Westerly, RI, I located the gravestones for this family in River Bend Cemetery in Westerly. I was looking just for Stanton and Mercy but what I found was the gravestones for their children and Alvah Taylor too. It is a fond memory to stand there and see the grouping of the stones and to spend delightful hours working on them.

I don't yet know who the people are below Mercy on lines 18-20 but I am working on it. Surname is Foster, I think and he is a teacher from nearby Connecticut. His children, including an 8 month old baby are with him but there is no wife listed so perhaps he worked on the farm with Alvah Taylor after the school day ended. He would have needed someone to help with his children while he taught and farmed.

Mercy had plenty of experience with children. She was one at marriage. She was 14. I still find that hard to grasp. 

This state census says she was born in Richmond, RI. Her parents moved from RI to New York and probably her choice was to be a nanny or get married. 

She was the last child in her family. It has been so hard to find out anything certain about her. That's why seeing this state census is so special.