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Anonymous said...

Love your website/blog. I too am related to John Howland thru Desire. Also related to Cpt Daniel Denison...and of course more.

Take care,

Julia said...

Just found your wonderful blog about cemeterys and technology in genealogy. Boy this has everything.
Good to see another Soule descendant, I come from the three Joshua's incl BishOp Joshua Soule.

Julia said...

Seems your hubs and I have at least two Gens in common, George and John, then I digress.
When I bought my home 12 years ago the neighbors came over to say hi, their name was Southworth.
I said Oh, your Mayflower, so he said how do you know that? If you are Mayflower how can you not know the others.
So Mayflower people live close together again over 350 years later.