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Old Fish Burying Ground

Old Fish Burying Ground
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This is the entrance gate to the Old Fish Burying Ground on Pequot Ave. in Mystic/Groton, CT. This is a private, family cemetery on private property and is lovingly and beautifully maintained resting place. If you plan to visit here, please respect the private property rules.
In August of 2005, I obtained permission to enter, photograph, video and transcribe the gravestones. I am researching each person buried here. The town of Groton gave me a list of the persons buried here as recorded by Charles Hale's WPA project. It is listed as cemetery #14 by Groton.
The Fish family has a recorded deed and plot map of the burial lots. For genealogy records, I am using the information from the family as well as information from the book, The Fish Family in England and America, by Lester Warren Fish, Rutland, VT. The Tuttle Publishing Co. 1948.
Other resources:
Wheeler, Richard Anson. History of Stonington, County of New London, CT. Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. Baltimore (MD): 1977. (first printed in 1900)
Wildey, Anna Chesebrough. Genealogy of the descendants of William Chesebrough of Boston, Rehoboth, Mass. : the founder and first white settler of Stonington, Conn. Press of T.A. Wright, New York: 1903.
Gallup, John D. Genealogy Of The Gallup Family. Press of the Hartford Printing Co. Hartford Conneticut. 1893.
Mystic Seaport: G.W. Blunt Library. Manuscript Collection Registers. Accessed 27 June 2006.
The earliest burial was 1815.
Entries for this cemetery's blog are contained in the archives for June, July and August of 2006.

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