Saturday, June 17, 2006

Sands FISH, Jr.

Sands FISH, Jr.
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Sands FISH, Jr. was born 27 February 1799 and died (unmarried) on 29 November 1829. He was the fifth child, third son born to Sands FISH and his wife Bridget GALLUP.

Biographical information: "was mate on a ship"

Buried Lot 1, Row 1, Grave 5

Fish Genealogy: #1988, p. 301
Wheeler's History: omitted this son from the list of the family of Sands and Bridget FISH


Anonymous said...

My name is Sands Fish. I will be buried in this cemetary eventually. I am the end of this particular line, as I only have one daughter, Haley Elizabeth Fish.

Midge Frazel said...

Hello, Sands! I have your name and your wife and daughter in my file given to me by the Fish family in Groton. I see your middle name is Alden.

You will be in fine company when the time comes, which I hope won't be for a very, very, long time.