Thursday, November 16, 2006

Thanksgiving at Mystic

November 1874

"Thanksgiving was kept as usual by numerous family reunions....Among the most notable perhaps of them, is the annual Thanksgiving gathering of that portion of the Denison family who are descendants of Isaac and Levina Denison...This year, 53 sat down to a turkey dinner and 57 to was one of the most enjoyable scenes we have known.

Such too was the custom of the fathers. So Deacon Sands Fish, the father of Mrs. Denison, our genial hostess, was accustomed to call together his children and grandchildren as long as he and his wife lived, and so we can trace back the observance of this New England festival in this and other families to the early settlement of the country.

May it be continued to the latest generation...."

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Sean Carter said...

It feels so nice to know that the age old tradition still continues...and may it be continued for all time to come...and please drop by my Thanksgiving Blog sometime and share all the beautiful aspects of this festival....have a great Thanksgiving!!!!