Friday, December 01, 2006

Lady Ann (Borodell) DENISON

by Midge Frazel

"Lady Ann", 2nd wife of Cap't George DENISON

Ann BORODELL, born abt 1615, married George DENISON in 1645, died 26 Sept 1712.

Here lies ye body/of Ann Denifon [Denison]/who died feptber [September]/ye 26th 1712 aged/97 years

Ann was the mother of seven and step-mother of two.

She was originally buried at the Denison Burying Ground but was moved to Elm Grove Cemetery in Mystic, CT. This is a very tiny slate stone but very readable.

Ann was my 7th and 8th grandmother depending upon which child I am descended from. I am descended from her step-daughter Hannah and her sons John, George and William and her daughter Ann.

This is my favorite gravestone.


Mister Relative said...


My genealogy program is telling me she's my 11th generation grandmother (10xg). We come down through George Jr. Awesome.

Mister Relative said...

Update: I was looking at the tree this morning and realized I'm descended from both Bridget and Ann.

I have a line running through Sarah as well, Hannah's sister I guess...:)

Midge Frazel said...

I am assistant to the genealogist of The Dension Society so I have a lot of information about Denison folks.

I am descended from both wives too!

Nice to meet you, cousin!


Mister Relative said...

Excellent! I'll have to figure out how to export a GEDOM of our line and maybe you can pass it along or deposit it somewhere...;)

Roughly...from memory...

Samuel>John>Beckwith>George B.>Sylvester>Louise Denison Patrick>Edwin Denison Patrick>Terry Denison Patrick>me

It seems that when Beckwith moved from Coon to Seneca Co., NY he started using the name as Dennison for some reason. But, by the time Louise was born they became aware of the spelling discrepancy and attempted to switch it back to Denison. Of course by the time I was born family naming traditions were an afterthought...;)

p.s. Terry is my mother.

Mister Relative said...

Sorry, I don't mean to spam your comments! But in case anyone searches and locates these I don't want to confuse them with the wrong info;

It's Capt. George>George Jr or Sarah>Samuel and Mary (Lay)>Christopher>John>Beckwith>George B.>Sylvester>Louise Denison Patrick>Edwin Denison Patrick>Terry Denison Patrick>me


Midge Frazel said...

I have all of your family in the current Denison genealogy right down to your mother. If you'd like to have me send it to you, please email me.

Louise's husband named Patrick needs a first name.

Magpie said...

Anee Borodell was my 8th great grandmother.
I am researhing my family you have anymore info that I could use?

Anonymous said...

Hello, I have been doing research on my family for a few years. Considering I am fairly young, I take a big interest to this and think I am fairly descent at it. I am descended from Lady Ann as well. My line from what I see goes as follows: Lady Ann, John B. Denison,Phebe Denison,Capt. Elijah Herrick Sr., Roswell S. Herrick,Catherine Herrick,Polly Ann Allen,Delcena Catherine Vincent, Allen Vincent Bisbee,Allen R Bisbee Sr,Deirdre Bisbee(my mom) and me Nicole Bisbee
I see that some of you are related through more than one line, Maybe somewhere I am too. Any help would be great. Thank you. Nicole

@Dissenter said...

I'm trying to find a home for a photo that I inherited from my Great Grandmother Dora Crego Hunt.

The photo is of Louise Denison Patrick.

elisabeth weaver said...

My 12th Great Grandfather

elisabeth weaver said...

My 12th Great Grandmother

Kat Ayres said...

She's my 10th great grandmother! I come down through her daughter Ann who married Gershom Palmer ((then Mercy Palmer, then John Breed, then Nathan Breed, then Thomas Breed, then William Breed, then Dewitt Clinton Breed, then Ida May Breed, then A B Young Sr, then A B Young Jr, then Mark Young, my father)) . Anyone else? Would love to get in touch with cousins!

Ann Wertz said...

I am a Borodell/Denison descendant and would love to know more about the previous Borodells and Broughtons in Ireland/England.

I have many New England ancestors including my Larkin immigrants in Newport/Westerly from Edward Larkin around 1655. Other families are Babcocks, Sweet, Kenyon, etc.. I once visited an old small cemetery plot somewhere around Wodville. Can provide more connections if you like.

Ann Wertz said...
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Chris Klauer said...

Hi Midge,

Have you seen this on FindaGrave?

I am not sure if that is really Anne Borodell Denison or not. The clothes just do not seem right to me. What is your take on it?