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Elisha4 WILLIAMS (Ebenezer3, Samuel2, Robert1) was born Jan. 12, 1719. His parents were Ebenezer WILLIAMS and Sarah HAMMOND. She was of Newton, MA.

Elisha had four wives. He married 1st, Thankful DENISON, 2nd Eunice WILLIAMS, 3rd Esther WHEELER and 4th Eunice SPAULDING, widow of John BALDWIN. He died 22 Sept 1788 in Stonington and is buried with three of his wives in Whitehall Cemetery #21, Mystic/Stonington, CT.

Elisha's daughter with his 3rd wife Eunice WHEELER was Eunice WILLIAMS. She married Isaac DENISON, Sr.

Photograph kindly donated by Frederick Burdick

Elisha is one of my 5th great grandfathers.

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