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Shubael BROWN

Shubael BROWN
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Shubael5BROWN, (Jedediah4, [Jr.], Jedediah3, John2, Thomas1 ) father of Roxana BROWN (who was the wife of John BURROWS) and father of Mary P. BROWN, was born 5 Oct 1758 in Stonington. He was the husband of Lydia PALMER. They married 16 March 1785. He died 18 Aug 1806 in Stonington.

The Genealogy records of the Palmer family give a different date of their marriage, which as a reader points out does not "fit" with the dates of the children's births. There is a birth record for Shubael but no marriage record in the Barbour Index of Vital Records of CT.

"In memory of/Mr. Shubael Brown/who died/Aug. t 18th 1806, /in the 47th year/of his age./"

Shubael and Lydia were the parents of 6 children:

Philura [b. 1787], Nancy [b. 1790], Polly [b. 1794], Roxana [b. 1798], Shubael [b. 1700] and Betsey [b. 1801]

Photograph # 522

Wheeler's History of Stonington "Lynn Brown family":#170, pages 264, 266


Judith said...

Was the marriage really 3 years after their first born or was he married before? I have no record of another wife, but just wondered ..

Midge Frazel said...

Good catch! I went by the date given in the database of individuals in the Palmer database but the date in Richard Anson Wheeler's History of Stonington seems to make more sense.

I checked the vital records but I can only find his birth record! With a slightly unusual first name and Brown for a surname, I guess we are lucky to have the data on the gravestone!