Tuesday, July 24, 2007


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Joseph A. SCHOFIELD's photograph shown here was located via the interesting Web site, DeadFred. I had no photographs of Joseph in my family collection but I do have several of his wife Sarah and his daughter Nellie. Joseph and his wife share a gravestone.

Upon finding this photo online, I noted the names of the other persons with the same surname and plunged into learning more about the Scholfields. I was sure this was the right person as his daughter's photo (taken of her at about this same age as her father) shows the deep dark circles under her eyes. I discovered that Joseph's sister, Elizabeth, was also a photograph at DeadFred!

When interviewing my grandmother, she told me that Joseph was a stout man who loved rich food and had gout. Clearly, this earlier photo shows none of that. Perhaps that is why I have no later photos of him in my collection.

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