Saturday, November 24, 2007

Denison-Gallup with Mirror

Using the mirror with this stone shows us the names of the husband and wife buried here with their dates of birth and death more clearly.

Ebenezer Avery [DENISON]
Born Feb. 18, 1792
Died March 16, 1899

His Wife
Born July 19, 1800
Died Jan 9, 1884

Ebenezer A. DENISON (Ebenezer6, Daniel5, Daniel4, George3, John2, Cap't George1)
b. 1788 [Denison Genealogy #1790 p. 120] married Esther GALLUP [Denison Genealogy #1221 p. 43] and lived in Rutherford, New Jersey and had 6 children. Note the recorded differences in his birth date.

Baldwin & Clift's older Denison Genealogy records the same information #761 page 43

Esther was born in Knox, Albany, NY the daughter of Gen. John Gallup [son of Joseph Gallup and his wife Mary Gardner] (1758-1825) and his wife Hannah DENISON (1759-1830)

Photos #378 taken 30 May 2007 and #787 taken 08 Aug 2007

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