Thursday, December 20, 2007

William Champlin and Harriet Barber

William Champlin
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William Champlin 1836-1924
his wife Susan Harriet Barber 1838-1924
[and her first husband]
Capt. J. Frank Barber 1834-1872

Cap't Joshua Frank BARBER was the son of "Blind" Joshua M. BARBER. He was the father of 4 children before he died. His widow, Susan Harriet was called Harriet and after she married William CHAMPLIN, they had two daughters. The 1910 census states she had 8 births with 4 living.

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Don Barber said...

I have in my possion a picture of my great Grand da Capt Horace Barber along with a artical dated march 21 1959
Which says he was a sailor on the Charsle w morgan here in Mystic CT. it was writen by a chapman.
My dad grew up across from the westerly park with my uncles ,Harry ,Cleve ,Horace Jim,Henery Dorothy, my dads name was Donald Sr.My Grand mother was Betrice Barber and her madian name was White.I was also told that so one named horace or henery had invented a tool so he started a mechine shope on Cottrals st down town Mystic ?I also had a great uncle that I remeber well named Cleveland who used to work in the elmgrove cemetary in Mystic Ct.