Thursday, February 21, 2008

Old Parish Cemetery

Old Parish Cemetery
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Longing for the lovely summer day when I took this photo, I decided to post it today as a sign of spring fever!

It was taken in the town where I live not because I am related to anyone here but because it is something I drive by nearly everyday and it has some wonderful gravestones.
This is the oldest cemetery in Bridgewater. It is called GR 7 in the Vital Records and it was long ago transcribed. It is a good thing it was as time, weather and the face that it is located near heavy traffic many of the stones are very hard to read.

You may find several stone photographed in many books. I found one and went to look for it and found it is very worn and even with the mirror very hard to read. I will post it eventually.

Dale Cook transcribed the book that hold the transcriptions as the copyright has expired on this book. Many local genealogists are upset that this book can be transcribed and put online but it is a fact that many more people are enjoying reading it now that it is more easily available. I am sure the author would be very surprised.

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Roger Lunn said...

Looks like where running around some of the same grave yards. My family back ground is threw Easton and the surrounding area.