Friday, July 11, 2008

Adventures at Burial Hill

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Yesterday, I went to Plymouth to tour the newly renovated Pilgrim Hall Museum. I am having visitors in the fall who will be staying in Plymouth for part of their vacation and I wanted to spend some time there deciding what they might like to see.

For fun, I trekked up Burial Hill once again. I enjoyed taking random shots of interesting gravestones, like this one, and to my delight I have discovered a database of transcriptions of this cemetery at If I had known that before I left I might have taken twice as many photos.

So many people visit this burying ground that many of the interesting and oldest stones have been encased in granite molds. It looks weird to me but the ground of this hill is, well, hilly. One misstep and like Jill of Jack and Jill, I could have rolled down the hill and broken my crown. I decided to be choosy where I stepped. After all, I am getting old.

What a lovely summer day to take photos!

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