Thursday, August 14, 2008

Blog Drafts Complete!

Blog Drafts
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Category: ""Write, Write, Write"
Event C: prepare drafts for writing (8/11 to 8/14)

Today, I completed the five drafts I set as a goal for this week of the 2008 Genea-Bloggers Summer Games. This is a screenshot of what the blog drafts look like in the Blogger interface.

In keeping with the flag that I created before the games began, these posts are all about persons who were either members of the Stanton or Denison extended families.

I decided it was quite comfortable sitting on my back porch with my wireless laptop working on posting them today. Thanks, Becky for the comment. I never use the post later feature. I did know about it, too.

2008 Genea-Bloggers Games

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Becky said...

Midge, are you aware that you can schedule a post for publication in blogger? Click on "Post Options" at the bottom of the Create Post screen. It expands the view to show the post date and time. You can change either or both to whatever you want.

For example you write a post today but don't want it visible to the public until tomorrow. So change the date to tomorrow's date. When the post is written to your satisfaction, click on "Publish Post" and you'll get a message that it will be published at the scheduled date and time. It won't be visible on your blog until the designated date and time.

This is really helpful in that you now don't have to remember to go back and edit the draft post to publish it. Pretty neat feature!