Saturday, September 20, 2008

Following Your Heart

I didn't know how many people were reading this blog, until I put a counter on it during the Summer Genea-Blogger Games and then to read that I am listed in many of the "I Love-Heart your Blog". It's very rewarding, a bit scary and I am wondering how I can point people to blogs "worth a look"?

Writing a blog is not for everyone. I learned to blog during graduate school for Lesley University where I began a blog I called, "Beyond the Horizon". It was hard to set up a blog that connected directly to my Web site but with the help of my tech-guru friend Kathy Schrock, I got it started. I put a bit of family history in it because I wrote a book for teachers on working family history and the research needed to meet curriculum. But, mostly it is about educational technology.

I read my blogs in Bloglines only because it is faster. You don't get to look at the design that people work so hard on using this RSS newsreader, so I have to click through that to see the posting with the photos etc. So reading them in Facebook's Blog Networks is a bit better.

Until now, I found blogs to read through the Genealogy Blog Finder and podcasts to listen to in iTunes. I think if I focus on providing a list of the more informational blogs I read, it will be better than "heart-ing" people who have alread been picked on! These do not need a return nod.

The Genealogy Blog Finder
Diane Haddad's Family Tree Magazine's Genealogy Insider (which includes Maureen Taylor's PhotoDetective)'s Official Blog
David Lambert's Blog
Cyndi's List Blog
Family Roots Radio
Roots Television Og's Blog
Genealogy Web sites I Don't Hate
24/7 Family History Circle

I still believe in Web sites and use many of them daily. Many people, like me, are crazy enough to do both.

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