Monday, September 01, 2008

Learning Footnote

Yesterday, I began to work on the proofs that I will need to prove that my ancestor, Isaac Denison, served in the American Revolution. To do this I needed to spend some quiet time working with where I have a paid, premium subscription.

I found, a few months back, that the book [yes, that's right, a book in print] transcribed the name of my ancestor incorrectly. They list his name as Israel. The material for that book which is called, Connecticut Men in the Revolution, was taken from the images of the handwritten rolls of Revolutionary service records. It did not make sense to me that my direct line ancestor did not serve some time when Grace Denison Wheeler's book lists his service as opening his home in Mystic to the needs of the Revolutionary War men in the area. In the attic of the old Homestead, a cloak was found that is of the right era that was marked as belonging to him.

I learned to read the Revolutionary War Service Records and when I found the right regiment and year, I discovered that I could do a one-to-one correspondence with the names. Footnote has annotated the names, which makes the task easier. Of course, I must print out this information to send to the DAR so I will have to make sure that it is clearly visible to them.

The Footnote blog had a blog entry on how you can put images from these rolls to your Web site or blog so following the information given, I tried it. See my next post down for the clearly visible name.

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