Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Parents Tickle My Funny Bone

6th Edition Smile For The Camera

No matter how old you get there are just some photographs that you can't get out of your head, like this one of my parents taken in the Summer of 1952. [Correction! another envelope of photos says 1951 and these photos must have been taken by the Miller family]

Judging from the other photos in the envelope, my mother's friend, Virginia and her husband Steve and their two young sons invited us to this house that may have been a family summer home in Maine. [on China Lake]

I would say that this photo shows my parents just goofing around. It was so unlike my mother to be like this that it just tickles my funny bone. She was known to destroy any photos that did not portray her in a glamorous light so I am impressed that this survived.

I do remember this trip as I was four years old. Outdoor plumbing (yuck) and very cold water to swim in are all I really remember as happening to me. I do remember that it seemed the parents were having fun. I couldn't figure it out!

It is good to remember that your parents were once young and impulsive!


Taylorstales-Genealogy said...

Isn't it wonderful that every once in awhile we see another side - real funny side of our parents. I love a good laugh too and am delighted I got to sure a "few" with my mother every now and then. What a great picture and a wonderful story! Thanks for sharing.

Colleen Johnson said...

Terrific photo! I tend to do what your mom did but I go a step further. I try not to get caught in a photo at all. Thanks for reminding me that some should be taken and survive!

Midge Frazel said...

The best thing about this posting is to have my own daughter's reaction! She thought this was my most awesome family story yet. My mother thought the best thing I ever did was to produce a "beautiful" granddaughter. My daughter is so much like her but I am like my grandmother. Maybe everything skips a generation?

Msteri said...

I find that my mother was very much the same, her pictures were destroyed unless she looked perfect, in her eyes. This carnival has opened my eyes about having my picture taken more!


T.K. said...

What a fun photo, Midge! And I'll bet it will bring up lots of memories for everyone who sees it--memories of their own good times at a summer cottage or their own parents having playful times together. It sure does so for me.

Mel said...

What a fun photo! I so much enjoy the natural shots. Often posed photos are stiff but photos like this one show the more playful side. Thanks for sharing!