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Nehemiah5 (Nehemiah4, Eleazer3, Isaac2, Robert1) WILLIAMS, son of Nehemiah WILLIAMS and his wife Deborah WILLIAMS was born 20 Jan 1723 and died 19 Aug 1797. He had two wives: Abigail Allen and Bethia Wilbur. His wife Abigail is buried next to him.

He was 82 years old. Many ancestors of mine lived well into their eighties and nineties which is contrary to what we learn in school about people dying young.

Nehemiah, named after his father, was the brother of Eunice Williams who was the second wife of Elisha Williams.

My lover, friend, familiar all,
Removed from sight and out of call,
To dark oblivion is retired,
Dead or, at least expired.

This may seem like an unusual gravestone to many who do not live in New England, but it is a "classic" for its period. The epitaph is not meant for comfort but for instruction to those who come to visit in this resting place.

The Williams family has many graves in this ancient graveyard. Nehemiah's parents are also buried here. My cousin, Fred Burdick, has photographed and researched all of the gravestones in this cemetery and sells a CD of this and other graveyards in the Stonington area.

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