Sunday, November 09, 2008

Numbered Graves

MCI Cemetery (1853)
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Yesterday, my husband and I went to a nearly street to see if there really was three cemeteries in one location! I looked them up on the Web and in David Lambert's Guide to Massachusetts Cemeteries. I checked Google Maps and discovered that the word "cemetery" has been added to the online map. This is great news, well, maybe not for the dead but at least to me.

One resting place is completely normal. It is clearly marked and has been transcribed. The second cemetery is oddly placed. It looks like a small family plot but contains graves of those who died from smallpox. The third is behind the "smallpox cemetery' and consists, as you see here, of bricks with numbers on them. One grave has a brick with a number and a military marker and flag. [Assuming this was a man who served and the family wanted a marker for his service.] Another section, has a stone with Hebrew lettering placed with the numbered bricks.

It is the cemetery where over the years, prisoners have been buried. The ground must be consecrated for Christian burials and so those who were Jewish were placed in a different area. It is not marked with a name. It feels sad and lonely.

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