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John4 WILLIAMS (John3, Isaac2, Robert1) was the son of John Williams and his wife Martha Wheeler. This is the family of the ancestor of Robert Williams who came to America from England and settled in Roxbury, MA.

John had eight brothers and sisters.

His gravestone reads: "To the Memory of/ Colln John Williams/ Who Departed this/Life Decbr 30th/ 1761 in ye 71st/year of his age" Memento mori

Col. John WILLIAMS was in the colonial wars and a deputy to the town of Stonington for many terms. One record lists him as a Major of the 8th Regiment in October 1739.

He was born on 31 Oct 1692 and died 30 Dec 1761 in Stonington.

John had nine children by his first wife and tow more with his second wife. The three Williams family genealogies disagree on many listings of name and dates. One is in the public domain at Google Books.

It looks like Mary HELMS was the widow of a man named Christopher HELME and I can't see to find out much more about her. The HELME family's records are all intermingled with other families and I know this as I have another line of HELME and they are in Rhode Island.

Update! A reader has left a comment that Mary's maiden surname was DYER, and she was the daughter of Edward DYER and Mary GREENE of North Kingstown, RI and that she was born in Scituate, RI in 1704. Mary DYER married first, Christopher HELME.

It is a bit unusual for John and his three wives not to have any children buried near them. There was a child named Prudence (daughter of John and Desire) that lived only a week but she doesn't have a grave here.

John and Desire's daughter, Thankful, married Avery Denison and they are buried in a small cemetery in Stonington. Their graves are not in as good condition as these. Avery's gravestone was used for target practice by an elderly man who lived across the street. Isn't that something?


JoLyn said...

Target practice?!?

I love this headstone - I've never seen one with carvings like that.

Michael Ford said...

Mary Helme, widow of Christopher Helme, was the daughter of Edward Dyer and Mary Greene of North Kingstown RI. She married second Col. John Williams. She was a descendant of Roger Williams, Mary Barret Dyer and Anne Hutchinson.

Michael Ford said...

Mary Dyer Helme Williams was born in 1702 in Scituate, RI and died 01 Dec. 1740. I am descended from her brother Capt. Edward Dyer Jr.