Saturday, February 14, 2009

Drowned on the steamship Empire

Blog Post 2 of the LADD-WILLIAMS family

This large monument is the resting place of the four sons of Noyes LADD. Sr. [desceased] and his wife Harriet Z. WILLIAMS who drowned while aboard the steamboat Empire on the night of 17 May 1849.

Cyrus S. [16Y/6M/14D], Darius [14Y8M/3D], Nathan S. [12y/6M] and Elias W. [10Y/8M/20D] LADD "who were drowned on board the Steam boat Empire which was sunk by collision with a Schooner on the Hudson River opposite Newburgh May 17 AD 1849. Their bodies were taken from the cabin and rest here beneath this mound."

Stone further reads:

"Mysterious providence! It was an eve of loveliest spring vesper looked fourth [sic] and smiled. And all the stars, gazed on earth intense. Such was the night so lovely, still serene. When with a mighty crash; the steamer sunk, And their spirits fled away to their God."

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