Monday, February 23, 2009

Franklin Augustus Denison

Un-answered questions about possible family members are often fascinating, frustrating and mysterious! It is always great to be presented with a puzzle and help another person try to solve it.

I had a question from a researcher about a man named Franklin Augustus Dension. As you can see from this photo, Frank was black. This means that to learn more about this person whose surname is Denison, I must go beyond the information in the Denison genealogy.

Frank was a member of the Eighth Illinois United States Volunteers, a black regiment, who served our country in the Spanish-American War. For this fellow researcher, I located his place of burial from Find-A-Grave and information about his service from a book that has no known copyright at a Web site called Internet Archive.

It is not completely known how this very interesting man fits into the huge family of Denisons that originate from Cap't George Dension who came to America from England in the early 1630s to Massachusetts and to Connecticut.

Proving that this man is a descendant is hard to do since we are not sure who his parents were! Is he an illegitimate child of a Denison who lived in Texas and a black slave? We may never know but it is great to be able to read about him and to see what a handsome, dashing, accomplished person he was.

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