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Graveyard Rabbits Carnival Entry for March, 2009

"It's not unusual to be loved by anyone..." [Tom Jones] {YouTube}

Not a plain Jane, that's for sure and I'm sure that Jane was quite the lady but she might have been shocked by Tom Jones!

Jane SMITH lived to be 98 years old and while that is not that unusual [especially in my family], it is an unusual lesson in knowing just how many descendants you could have if you lived to be nearly 100 in times long ago! No wonder, genealogists fingers are tired typing in family history data!

I am entranced by this gravestone as it is a great lesson in genealogy math! The fact that Jane's maiden name was SMITH, which I read somewhere is the most common surname in America, we know exactly who her ancestors were, so that may be unusual.

Another unusual thing is the fact that Jane and her husband George were both Denison descendants.

Jane4 Smith (Nathan3, Nehemiah2, Nehemiah1) was born 13 Jan 1730/31 in Groton, CT, one of nine children born to Nathan SMITH and his wife Mary4 DENISON (Dea. Daniel3, John3 Borodell, Capt. George1). She married George DENISON (Cap't George3, William2, Capt. George1) on 23 Feb 1747/48. He was born 3 July 1725 in Stonington, CT.

George and Jane were the parents of eleven children (one set of twins). So, you can see where 350 descendants would be possible. George died 19 Jun 1808 and Jane died 11 May 1829. It was not unusual for the men to died first, leaving a widow, just as it is today.

Jane and her husband are buried in the Denison Burying Ground in Mystic, CT on the Cove nearby to Elm Grove Cemetery, a beautiful, gigantic, garden cemetery and Mystic Seaport. The Denison Homestead is not far away.

"To add to their happiness was her most ardent wish..."

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M. Diane Rogers said...

What a very interesting inscription you have there - I do hope they all appreciated her.