Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Blog 2 Blog and Coast 2 Coast

Tombstone Tuesday and Collaborative Efforts of the Geek Girls Genealogists

Denise Leverick of The Family Curator blog and my friend at Facebook told me she was coming from California to Boston for a spring research outing at NEHGS.

When she told me she had Rhode Island ancestors, that "psychic vibe" went into high gear. Dreaming of coffee syrup and Del's Lemonade (Rhode Island specialties), this Rhode Island girl (me) went full tilt into working on Denise's line.

The most interesting thing is of course, the possibility of gravestones. Even with the wonderful Rhode Island Historical Cemeteries database free online and the great way of using the same database at NEHGS (but there you can make a list of everybody recorded in that cemetery) it is still hard to pinpoint exactly where these little (or large) cemeteries are located. They are listed by, of all things, telephone poles! What happens in the future when telephone poles are not for land-line phones anymore but only hold power lines? Will the power lines all go underground?

Finding out that in Johnston, RI, there is a street named Winsor (her ancestor's husband's parents) which is of course, where James and Betsy (Randall) Winsor are resting and that on a nearby street named Orchard, there is a small cemetery, I tried to use Google Maps (in street view) to try to find out where it could be near? Wow, I was faced with a gravestone along the side of the road!

Well, Denise tells it better. Read about it here....


Denise Levenick, The Family Curator said...

We must be related somewhere Midge. Meanwhile, it's great to speak geek with you.

Carol said...
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