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In/ memory of/ Mrs. Hannah wife of/ Capt. Wm. Stanton/ who died/ Nov. 7, 1784/ in the 41 year/ of her age.

First wife [named Hannah] of Capt. William Stanton and mother of his only child Thankful.

Hannah was born 16 Jan 1744 and died 7 Nov 1784. She was the daughter of John Williams (1714-1799) and his wife Lydia Chesebrough (1710-1762)

Interesting fact was that both wives of Capt. William Stanton died in their 41st year. She married him on 10 Nov 1773. She was born, married and died in Stonington, New London, CT.

This is one of the few gravestones engraved in the italic style script that is able to be clearly read. It is not faded like her husband's gravestone.

Wheeler's History of Stonington #205 p. 670
Stanton genealogy p. 168

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