Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Family Traits

Anthony and Mommy
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So, how much do we look like our relatives? This question may someday be solved with facial recognition software but today I was struck by how much my grandson looks like his mother when she was born. My husband used to say, "All babies look like Winston Churchill!" but of course, I won't let him say that anymore.

It will be interesting to see if brown eyes dominate in our new family tree as my maternal grandmother was a brown-eyed girl.

Guess it is time to get back to the gravestone work!


Patti Browning said...

I know what you mean about children looking like their parents. When my daughter was born, I could see a little me looking right back at me. The resemblence stayed VERY true til she was over 3 years old and now? Now she just looks like a redheaded version of her dad!

Sandy said...

LOL :) love the Winston Churchill comment :)