Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New England Graveyards

Welcome, visitors from SoCal, to my blog about photographing and researching gravestones!

I live in Massachusetts [example] but I photograph
gravestones in Connecticut [example] and Rhode Island [example] too. These three states are where most of my ancestors are resting in family graveyards or in large garden cemeteries. I love to research EVERY grave I photograph and blog about them.

You can learn how to look for your ancestors gravestones by reading blogs such as mine.

This is a typical graveyard in a nearby town to where I am living. It is fairly large in size and the gravestones are scattered all over in small groups. Most of the gravestones in this photo are slate, marble or granite and are showing "wear and tear" from the harsh winters that we have in Massachusetts. Fortunately, this graveyard was transcribed in the late 1880's and those records have been made available to the public. However, the stones still need to be photographed.

I hope you enjoyed this quick visit to my blog and will soon be hooked on gravestone photography and research.

Got hard to read gravestones? Watch this video from Lisa Louise Cooke called Grave Transformations.

Midge Frazel
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