Friday, July 24, 2009

Early Denison Records

With all the discussion about proper citation and the "genealogical proof" standard, I went to the online vital records of Massachusetts to 1850 for (the now city of) Roxbury, Massachusetts [at NEHGS] to see what records are there for my early Denison family that came to America in the early 1630s as part of the surge of people that made "The Great Migration".

Much to my surprise, I found many records for the family of William Denison and his wife Margaret. Although, they are not consistent, it is apparent that some vital records do occur for these people.

Margaret 's death [mother of Captain George Denison], is one that is recorded as the "old mother". [CR. 1 is the church records of First Religious Society [Unitarian]

"1645 DENISON Margret [Dennison, old mother. C. R. 1.], w. William, bur. Feb. 3, 1645. [1645-6. C. R. 1.] Death/Roxbury"

The marriage record of George Denison and his first wife Bridget Thompson:

"1640 TOMSON (see also Thompson), Bridget, and George Denison, Mar. —, 1640. Marriage/Roxbury"

Their daughter, Sarah's birth (but not her sister Hannah):

1641 DENISON Sarah, d. George,1 Mar. 20, 1641. [1641-2. C. R. 1.] Birth/Roxbury

And sadly Bridget Thompson Denison's death:

"1643 DENISON (see also Dennison), Bridget, w. George [fever and consumption, C. R. 1.], bur. Aug. —, 1643. Death/Roxbury"

It is wonderful to see these old records!


Dawn said...

Thank you for posting this information. I, too, am a DENISON descendant. I checked out your photos on Flickr, and have a question about this one Was this rubbing from the grave of Ann, wife of George DENISON? Was the rubbing made in 2005 or at an earlier date? Thanks again.

Midge Frazel said...


That rubbing was made a long time ago, I think. If you keep looking at my photos you will find a photo of Lady Ann's gravestone. It is so petite that I had to lie on my tummy to take a good shot of it.

Grant said...

Thanks for posting this Denison information, Midge! I'm flying to Boston tomorrow for more book research and hope to have time to get over to the NEHGS to poke about.


Kevin said...

I presume you are aware that Capt. George Denison is only memorialized on the Denison monument in Mystic His bones rest in the Old Center Cemetery, Hartford. George's stone there appears to be a faithful reproduction of the original fieldstone. I would be happy to send a copy.

George's 1st wife, Bridget's, death is recorded in the Roxbury, Massachusetts Church records, kept by Rev. John Eliot:
"1643, 6 mo, ---- day, Bridget Denison, the wife of George Denison and a godly young woman, died of a feaver and consumption." [Roxbury Land and Church Records. First Church, John Eliot, Boston First Church in Roxbury (Roxbury, Mass,, First Church. Publisher Rockwell and Churchill, City Printers, 1881].

Bridget Thompson Denison is my matrilineal ancestress; her daughter, Hannah Denison Cheseborough Saxton (d. 1722, Stonington), is my 9th gr-grandmother.

Midge Frazel said...

Hello, Denison cousin. I too am descended from Capt. George and his first wife. I know his stone is in Hartford and another descendant did share it with me.

I think the original stone is in the shed at the Denison Society. I took a photo. Email me if you want to see it.

Kevin said...


Thanks for the fast reply. Yes, I'd love to see an image of George's actual stone. While I personally don't agree with what was done with his monument, I understand the sentiments behind wanting to preserve it. Should the Society go defunct, there is certainly a risk that someone will cart it off.

I have a considerable amount of information from original UK archives documents, relating to the family and ancestry of Bridget Thompson Denison. This line, being my matrilineage, has been of keen interest to me.

I will be most happy to share what I've learned.

Kevin Bradford