Thursday, July 09, 2009

Miles Standish Burying Ground Entrance

This is the entrance to the Miles Standish Burying Ground in South Duxbury, MA. I liked the way they created a sign for locating the specific memorial stones and for the location of what used to be the meeting house that this ancient graveyard was next to. Naturally, some of the people buried here were ministers of that church.

I took a photo of the street sign at the corner so that people could more easily find this cemetery. It is located facing Chestnut St. and the intersecting street is appropriately called Pilgrim By Way. This one had no place to park which is all too common here in New England.

Wouldn't it be great if all cemeteries were given a street address so we could find them better?
The larger cemeteries I frequent do have street address, both have Web pages, and a list of rules and regulations for visitors. It is cemeteries like this one that are hard to find.

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