Wednesday, July 22, 2009

North Adams

N. Adams_ Not Copyright
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Sometimes when I just have a few minutes, I do a Google Search on an ancestor's name. Today, I pick Ada Ann Evans who married my great grandfather Charles Evans Stewart. I don't have a photograph of her in my family collection.

I searched for her name and the town that she lived in North Adams, MA and came up with something that looked promising at the Web site, Before reading any further, I noted that the resource I was about to look at was "Not In Copyright". I love it when it says that!

I used the online browser choice to page through this and then chose the download in PDF choice so that I could print pages. I learned very quickly that the "snapshot" feature of Adobe Reader allowed me to select a section/page of the book and copy it to be able to paste it into my graphics application to make a JPG.

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