Monday, August 17, 2009

Time of Day Counts

Clift-Denison Monument
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Last November, I posted a photo I took in July 2008 of this monument. It was so unreadable that day that we used the mirror to try to take a better shot. It was awful. I was disappointed.

In April, I bought a tombstone rubbing wax/crayon and in June, I went to a fabric store and bought non-fusible pellon interfacing and put them in my graveyard bag along with masking tape for this trip back. I felt ready to find out what this grave really says.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that the time of day made a huge difference in the readability of this granite monument! I actually got three good shots. My husband is convinced that they put up a new monument since we were there last time! (They haven't, I am sure!)

I will post another shot of this and explain why this is important at a later date.

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Marilyn Harris said...

What time of day is best?