Sunday, September 27, 2009

Authors Meet

Rob and Midge
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It was my great pleasure to meet and enjoy the company of Robert Grandchamp yesterday at the Rhode Island Genealogical Society all day fall meeting held at the Newman Congregational Church in Rumford, RI.

Don't we look pleased to be photographed together?

Robert at 22 is a published author of three books and numerous articles about Rhode Island History. We have been corresponding for several years about my 2nd great grandfather and his Civil War unit. It has been great fun for me as a genealogist to work with a young historian contributing, what I think is a small amount of information to his book, The Boys of Battery G. [Amazon] [McFarland Publisher]

Robert and I share a few coincidences of our own. When he first contacted me about the photo I have posted on my Web site, he was an undergraduate student at Rhode Island College in Providence, RI. This is the same college that I attended forty years ago from 1965 to 1969 where I majored in Biology.

He is now a Master's candidate in History there too. Robert lives nearby to where I grew up but it is not where he grew up. Robert also has a close relationship with his grandmother and he also hates tuna fish just as I do!

This friendship has taught me the importance of historical events in the lives of my ancestors and has taught Robert the importance of genealogical events. I continue to be interested in the things that interest Robert because it is rare to find such a mature, brilliant mind in such a young man. He's looking for a job and it seems crazy to me that someone would not immediately snap up such a prize as Robert. [His blog]

Ask yourself this question, what had you accomplished at 22?

His grandmother, who attended with him yesterday, was a delight and she is very devoted to her grandson. She was surprised at my [advanced] age and pleased to discover that I have a grandson too.

I will be blogging this week about this event that I attended. Rhode Island may be the smallest state in our country but the people who lived here past, present and future are not to be underestimated.


Sheri said...

What an extraordinary young man you have found Midge. (A nice looking young man to boot!) I enjoyed reading his blog, but next time you talk to him tell him to put the "Follow" thingy on his blog so I can keep up with his posts.

JamaGenie said...

How fun to finally meet your cyber-friend! I agree wit Sheri, Rob is an extraordinary young man. Three books and only 22? Amazing! Interested in genealogy at that age. Even more amazing!