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Sandstone gravestones often look like this today but it is clear that this is Nathan NILES' wife Mary NORTHROP [ye wife of Nathan Niles in ye 46th year of her age] who died 15 Sept 1757 and is buried next to her husband and in front of her daughter Katherine NILES.

Photo by Jan Franco. Used with permission.

Mary was probably the daughter of JosephNorthrup and his wife Hopestill Smith being born in RI abt 1712. There is a vital record of her marriage [see below] to Nathan. The man who married them is also in my family tree!

1728 NILES Nathan, and Mary Northup, by Rouse Helme, Assistant, Sept. 12, 1728. / 1: 71 / Marriage /South Kingstown

Nathan and his wife Mary were the parents of nine children. Some are buried here.

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