Saturday, October 31, 2009

Memorable Halloween

Midge at Halloween
Originally uploaded by midgefrazel
One of my favorite Halloween tales was when I dressed up in this outfit and went to my daughter's classroom party and taught my first computer lesson (yes, in this outfit). It was 1984 and the teacher who was my daughter's third grade classroom teacher just passed away this fall. Wasn't she brave to let such a creature into her classroom?

It took several days for me to wash out the orange in my hair. Blonde hair takes nicely to the stained color!


Kathy Schrock said... more ways then one!

Cindy Bergeron Scherwinski said...

Too funny, Midge!! You are so brave to post the photo - love it. Finally got around to clicking on "Follow" after visiting your blog several times over the past few months. I descend from one of the many Clarke family lines in Westerly, RI - and the Pendleton family in Stonington. Cindy

Thomas MacEntee said...

See! I knew that bizarre hair colors ran in the family! Remember, my hair has been so many colors that my shadow looks like a church window and my dandruff looks like jelly beans!