Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving 1993
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Sometimes a quick family snapshot can become a family treasure. I took this shot of my parents watching the Macy's parade on TV in 1993. It was one of the last Thanksgiving Days where they would be healthy.

My mother is enjoying her glass of wine and my dad his beer. They liked to be warm so we turned up the heat and had a fire in the fireplace. I was busy being the cook so I am surprised I had time to find the camera but I'm glad I did.

My dad died in 1998 and my mother in 2002. I put this photo out every year on my mantel in remembrance.


life insurance Canada said...

Hi. I absolutely agree with you that also quick family snapshot may become a family treasure. I realized it also few years ago when my wife was categorizing our old photos. We found out that we don't have much photos either of our parents or of our childhood. Fortunately, the situation changed approximately two years ago when we bought a new camera.


Carmen Johnson said...

I have a few photos of old holiday dinners...usually has my grandfather sitting in Mom's easy chair eating peanuts sitting with my Dad watching football...or there are a few where some of the family members are crapped out on the couch. One of the bittersweet memories will always be the last Thanksgiving my mother was alive which was 4 years ago. We had the Thanksgiving at my sister-in-laws...but Mom insisted on having a big dinner at our house the next day...Mom died about a month later of lung cancer.