Thursday, December 31, 2009

Champlin Sisters

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This the the fourth side of the Champlin monument.

Listed here are two sisters, Sarah J. CHAMPLIN who was the wife of Edward LOUDEN and Mary J. CHAMPLIN.

Most notable on this side is the missing death date for Edward. He was born 27 Jan 1852 so he is surely not living! A census record lists him as being born in nearby Connecticut.

His wife Sarah J. 's middle name was Josephine and census records indicate that that is the name she was known by, born on 6 July 1851 and died 8 Aug 1923 may mean that Edward outlived her.

Mary Jane CHAMPLIN was 24 Dec 1850 and died 29 June 1874 died at the age of 20 unmarried. These sisters were the daughters of Nathan CHAMPLIN and his first wife Jane M. CARD.

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