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Mattie (Boss) CHAMPLIN

Mattie (Boss) CHAMPLIN
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Mattie A. BOSS headstone

Hannah's mother, Mattie A. BOSS, also has just the year of her birth and death inscribed on the monument. [1892-1935]

She was the wife of John A. CHAMPLIN

Of course, we have no draft cards to help us out with exact dates! She appears with her husband and daughters in the 1920 and 1930 census. As she died before her husband and left him behind in 1935, we won't find her in the 1940 census when it is released.

Mattie's parents, Albertie BOSS and his wife Robie A. PERRY are also buried here and by the kindness of a person, I have a photo of their gravestone.

Mattie is buried at Pine Grove Cemetery, Hopkinton, RI

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