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Craig Grandmothers abt 1902

Craig Grandmothers
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One day, my mother-in-law, showed me this multi-generational photo of her family. My husband had never seen it. I was so excited!

I was fortunate that she let me take it home and scan it and return it to her safely. I'd love to borrow it again and rescan it with my new scanner but I am not sure they remembered to take it when they moved. When the baby in this photo died, I printed this up, put it in a frame and took it to the calling hours. The people who came were very impressed! My mother-in-law couldn't understand why I had done that. (My husband was pleased. Yes, I live on the edge, but my mother-in-law did tell me later that she was glad I took it with us)

The baby in this photo is my husband's aunt, Jane Craig (1901-2003) so we would say this photo was taken when she was about two years old. The youngest woman is her mother (my husband's grandmother) Hannah WILDE (1877-1932) wife of James CRAIG.

The woman to the far left of the photo must be Hannah's mother, Jane Elizabeth MELVIN (1840-1910) wife of Eli WILDE. But, we are not sure about the oldest lady, seated to the right. My research tells me that she might be named Sarah, wife of Michel MELVIN.

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful photograph! She was very generous to let you borrow it. I know some people who won't let old family photos out of their sight.