Thursday, January 28, 2010

Display Board

Display Board
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Since I am doing just a very short introduction to Robert Grandchamp's talk on Saturday, I thought I'd make a display board for the people to look at instead of a presentation on the computer. As I am an educator, making things like this comes naturally, but I had forgotten how time consuming it is to do!

I have FOUR Barber surname books. Yes, it just keeps getting more and more out of hand. Then, there's the folder with James A. BARBER's Mayflower line to George Soule and the folder with his pension record papers. I have tired to clean them out all week and get them organized in a manner that is workable.

I am going to use the sheet feeder on my new scanner to copy the pension record into archival images. I am on a roll.

I have already added something else to this board but you get the idea....

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