Saturday, February 13, 2010

Barbary PALMER [footstone]

Barbary PALMER [footstone]
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February Footstone Project; Blog Post #6

I have annotated this photo of Barbary PALMER, wife of Nathan STEWARD's, footstone so that you can see clearly the carved side of the footstone and it's position in relation to the person's remains and the back side (uncarved) headstone.

Gaylord Cooper's book, "Stories Told in Stone" lists the definition of a footstone as a "smaller gravestone set at the foot of a grave, most often in conjunction with a headstone; may be inscribed with only initials or names." [p. 112] I recommend this book if you are looking to get started with working with gravestone research.

Photo was taken at Great Plain Cemetery in North Stonington, New London, CT

This is the last footstone investigation in this blog post project. As I go out gravestone hunting, I will look for more footstones and report on them!

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