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Ebenezer GALLUP [Surname Saturday]

Ebenezer GALLUP
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Surname Saturday: GALLUP

Ebenezer6 (Nathan5, Benadam4, Benadam3, John2, John1) was a member of the GALLUP family of Connecticut. This large and prosperous family has so many descendants that they have published a new genealogy this past year. It is two-volumes. I can barely pick it up it is so heavy...

I am descended from two sons and a daughter of John2 GALLUP. They all come down to my maternal grandfather, Evans STEWART. I have taken photographs of many GALLUP gravestones in several cemeteries in Connecticut and in one cemetery in Hingham, MA.

Ebenezer's headstone is a replacement for the original. When I first photographed it in May 2008, I did not notice the inscription on the back of the headstone. (see tomorrow's post). I just thought it was in great condition. This time I photographed the cemetery, my bone-yard buddy husband stood in the back to make sure that I didn't miss anything on the reverse side of gravestones. When I got to this grave, he yelled "Stop!". Then, I remembered taking a previous photo a few years back.

Ebenezer's footstone is PROBABLY an original. It has a small broken part on one edge near the ground. The Gallup Family Association may have reset it when they replaced this headstone and damaged it but I really think it is worn enough to be the original. Notice both headstone and footstone have lichen.

Sacred/to the Memory/of/ Ebenezer Gallup/who died/April 11, 1794/in the 38th year of his Age.

Ebenezer was born 8 Feb 1794 and died 12 April 1794. [Notice the gravestone says 11 April]

He served in Capt' Abel Spicer's 10th Co. Continental Troops (he was 18 years old) in 1775 and in Capt. John Morgan's of Militia in 1776 serving 2 months and 9 days from Sept 8 to November 7 in 1776. I have looked this up at Ancestry's Connecticut Men in the Revolution and at Footnote for those matching original documents.

Ebenezer died unmarried. We should remember him for his service to his country.

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