Friday, February 26, 2010

Follow Friday

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What a very nice Follow Friday Rob has written about me! Because I thought it was so great, I sent him a link to one of my most popular education pages on Salem, MA. which I call "Hunting for Witches"

Rob just discovered that he is descended from accused witch Rebecca NURSE and I knew there was a gravestone monument to her in Danvers. By the way, she was NOT a witch. She was an upstanding woman in her community. So many people were murdered because of the hysteria about witches in New England during this time period. It is still studied in law school. I have lost count at how many books have been written on this topic.

I enjoyed the trip we made one summer for me to do research for a teacher workshop I gave the next fall. It was a very rewarding workshop and I added more to this page as part of my graduate work. Sometimes genealogy and education work very well together.

Thanks, Rob!

Oh, look, I just found a Perkins surname in this list!

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