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Tombstone Tuesday Gloria J. BLIVEN

Gloria J. BLIVEN
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Tombstone Tuesday: Gloria Josephine BLIVEN.

Little Gloria, who was my first cousin, once removed, lived only from 1923 to 1933. I really don't know much about her as when a child dies in a family, the sadness can overwhelm people for generations. I pat her headstone whenever I visit the plot.

Gloria middle name was Josephine, which was my grandmother's (her aunt) middle name. I don't know why she was named Gloria perhaps someone on her father's side bore this name.

All I have to research with Gloria is this headstone and the matching years of birth and death on the nearby Barber family monument. That's the source of those dates. I have her photograph, taken at about 3 years of age which will be posted tomorrow as my Wordless Wednesday.

Gloria's father was named Harry M. Bliven. He and Gloria's mother, my great aunt, were married quite briefly and divorced. I have once census year where Gloria is listed. She is listed with her mother, Dorothy Palmer BARBER Bliven (listed as married but the husband is not in the household), Dorothy's parents, J. Frederick BARBER and his wife Ellen "Nellie" SCHOFIELD and Nellie's widowed mother Sarah J. GARDINER Schofield. They live at 160 West Broad St. in Pawcatuck, New London, Connecticut just over the Westerly, Rhode Island border.

Harry M. Bliven was a salesman (1922 Westerly City Directory). I do know, from family stories that he sold automobile parts and he must have met my great aunt when he sold items to my great grandfather, J. Fred Barber at this automobile repair business in Westerly. My great aunt was a whiz at math and kept the books for her father. This was not a match made in heaven. My mother said Harry drove fast cars and she did not like him.

My grandmother, scowled when I asked about this man but smiled when I asked about Gloria. I think Gloria may have died of pneumonia. Bad lungs run in my Barber family.

I'd like to think I have found Harry. He seems to have remarried. I think his parents were Ernest Bliven and Jennie B. Da Costa. It's just a big family mystery.

Gloria would have been 24 years old when I was born. I think I missed out on knowing her.

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DianaR said...

Hi Midge ~ I loved your post! I feel the same thing for many of the young cousins or great-great aunts etc that I find in my research. I have dishes from an Aunt Jenny who died way before my time and had no children - but I always stop to visit her gravestone when I'm in Apple Creek.

I just stopped by to say that I'm talking about you today on my blog - and thought I'd let you know...I certainly didn't want to be talking behind your back ;-)