Thursday, March 25, 2010

John & Helen Broadfoot

John & Helen Broadfoot
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Some time ago, I posted a blog post about my great grandfather John ("The Monument Maker") and his first wife Jane Hannah, who was my ancestor.

After Jane died in 1895, John was left alone with children to raise as usually happened in those days. So, he married a woman named Helen Tait on 6 Jun 1896. In those days, it paid to have a woman "waiting in the wings". Keeping the household was a lot of hard work.

John and Helen quickly had four more children. I corresponded with one whose name was Walter Patterson TAIT and his wife Ruby CUTLER. The were living in England at that time.(I must scan those letters and post them here!) It was really fun getting mail from "the old country".

What I didn't know and just found out recently really sparked up the revisit to this line...

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