Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dalbeattie Cemetery in Scotland

 UPDATE! Tombstone Tuesday: Dalbeattie Gravestone

In 2008, I posted a scan of this gravestone photo and briefly gave information about it. When, I went back to look at it this weekend, I decided to delete that post and made it my Tombstone Tuesday post for this week. So, you are not crazy if you think you have seen this before!

When I was awarded the honor of being one of two cemetery blogs in the May 2010 issue of Family Tree Magazine, my friend Maureen Taylor described the name of my blog as reflective of the many generations of men who worked with granite. Ironically, this is the only photo I have of a gravestone in the old country that bears the name Broadfoot, which is my maiden name. I wish I knew if there were more. [Wishes do come true!]

When I began to post what I knew about my Scottish immigrant ancestors, I finally got a response from people who might know something beyond the genealogical information I have been researching since I was in my twenties. Finally, it payed off. In the same week, I found people who were related to me somehow to my grandparents that I never knew. Maybe there are no more photos. [There are more gravestones of my family in this cemetery!]

My first online class was not in educational technology, it was a course in Researching Your Scottish Ancestors. At first, it was a disaster! The woman who was teaching it lived in Australia and she died a few weeks into it. The company providing the classes suspended them and hired David Webster, a well known Scottish genealogist. It was wonderful except he is seven hours away. He had to stay up late to chat with us. I learned so much. He and I worked together on some techniques to search and I helped him with an advanced use of Microsoft Word. (which took me an entire day to learn and type up)

This recent photo of the same gravestone, taken by Ruth Robb and used with her permission, is the updated version of the photograph. Notice that more names have been added. Ruth did the transcription, which I will post soon.


JamaGenie said...

I've just begun to research my Scottish ancestors in earnest. I wasn't aware of an online class for this. Thanks.

Midge Frazel said...

The class was a long time ago. I am hoping Family Tree University offers one soon.

Midge Frazel said...
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Lynne Corbett said...

1891 Kirkcudbrightshire; Dalbeattie; FHL Film #220,453; E.D. 1; Pg. 22; #126 on schedule; 12 John St.:
John Broadfoot, Hed, Mar., 38, Granite Hewer, b. Creetown, Kirkcudbrightshire
Janet Broadfoot, Wife, 39, b. Rushwell, Dumfriesshire
Jane S. Broadfoot, Daur., 14, b. Urr, Kirkcudbrightshire
John Broadfoot, Son, 11, Scholar, b. Urr, Kirkcudbrightshire
James H. Broadfoot, Son, 9, Scholar, b. Urr, Kirkcudbrightshire
Thomas Broadfoot, Son, 7, Scholar, b. Urr, Kirkcudbrightshire
Esther W., Broadfoot, Daur., 4, Scholar, b. Urr, Kirkcudbrightshire
Margaret A. Broadfoot, Daur., 2, b. Urr, Kirkcudbrightshire

Lynne Corbett said...

I may be related to this family of Broadfoot.

Midge Frazel said...

Yes, that is my family. My grandfather is the Thomas who is seven in this census.

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