Wednesday, June 09, 2010

GYR Scavenger Hunt June, 2010

Graveyard Rabbits Scavenger Hunt June 2010
"Like a traditional scavenger hunt, the object is to find as many items as you can from the list below. In our case, those “items” are to be found in the cemetery, giving us a chance to explore it with a different set of eyes. Then share what you found and where you found it on your blog. Happy hunting!"

I had to only scavenge outside my own collection for one category. As I frequent and photograph mostly older New England graveyards, some of the categories I had to take a few liberties with but I hope you will find them interesting.


Cross {River Bend Cemetery Westerly, Rhode Island)
Heart (Bay View Cemetery, Sandwich, Massachusetts)
Fraternal Symbol [Odd Fellow] (Glenwood Cemetery, Maynard, MA)
Monument (Elm Grove Cemetery, Mystic, CT)
Flower [Nana's Garden] Glenwood Cemetery, Maynard, MA
Hands [Marital Handshake] (Elm Grove Cemetery, Mystic, CT)
Hand (Maplewood Cemetery, Marlboro, MA)
Angel (Glenwood Cemetery, Maynard, MA)
Bird [Eagle] (Bay View Cemetery, Sandwich, MA)
Tree {Humpy Nate's deformed gravestone with tree] (Old Packer-Burrows Cemetery, Groton, CT)
Star [star symbol] (Maplewood Cemetery, Marlborough, MA)
Obelisk [Jacob Perkins] (Mt. Prospect Cemetery, Bridgewater, MA)
Four-legged Animal (John Whitman Davis's horse. He's alive, the horse is not!) The Farmhouse Cemetery, Stonington, CT
Photo (not in my collection, so here's one from a friend's collection) Oak Grove Cemetery, Pawtucket, RI (which is the city in which I was born!)
Military gravestone [James Albert Barber, Medal of Honor] River Bend Cemetery, Westerly, RI
Mausoleum [Burdick, who is a cousin!] Elm Grove Cemetery, Mystic, CT


kinfolknews said...

What fun! You have a great collection of markers, etc. Looking over the list, I'd say I would really have to search to find many of them in my nearby cemeteries. Living in the "metro" Los Angeles area there are not to many "old" cemeteries.

Dorene from Ohio said...

What a great collection of photos in your cemetery scavenger hunt!