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Mercy Gallup
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This is the slate gravestone of Mercy GALLUP (Benadam, John II, John I) which is located at the Denison Burying Ground #19, Mystic, New London, CT. This burying ground is located near the Inn at Mystic.

Mercy was one of my 7th great grandmothers.

Grace Denison Wheeler's Book, The Homes of our Ancestors in Stonington, CT [1903], has a wonderful section with gravestone transcriptions. It is a good thing that Miss Wheeler did this because there are many stones like this one that were damaged by the time the Hale Collection was created in the 1930s.

" Here lies ye body of Marcy, wife of William Denison, who died March ye 2d 1724/5 Aged 35 years" [page 263]

Mercy, whose name appears as Marcy or Mary, was born 16 August 1690 in Stonington, New London, CT. [ Barbour Index Vital Records of Stonington 1:86]

GALLUP, Mercy, d. Adam, b. Aug 16, 1690 Vol. 1 Page 86

Her marriage to William DENISON is recorded in Stonington as, "Gallup, Marcy,  m. William Denison, May 10, 1710 by Rev. James Noyes" Vol. 2, Page 28 [This is also recorded in the First Church of Stonington Records (NEHGS)]

Rev,. James NOYES was one of my 6th great grandfathers.

The Denison and Gallup genealogies both list seven children born in this family.

Mercy has an inomplete death record in the Barbour Index Vital Records of Stonington it reads:
DENISON, Marcy, d. Mar.2 [ ] Vol 2 Page 28, so it is a good thing that this section of the gravestone is visible and that Grace Denison Wheeler records this cemetery.

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