Thursday, July 15, 2010


Kathy of "I Will Remember" who lives in my home state of Rhode Island and I have become aware that some of the lines in our families may overlap!

Her post for this past Tuesday's Tombstone Tuesday is a great shot of her husband in the Wequetequock Burial Ground in Stonington standing next to the Minor side of the monument erected to Thomas Minor. I am also descended from this founder of Stonington, Ct where this gravestone is located. Thomas Minor/Miner has a great wolfstone. Be sure not to miss this great post!

As you can see, this cemetery has an unusual name as it is named after its ancient location and it is pronounced "Wickety-quock." [source]

I have visted this cemetery but took no photos as the sun was too low. My cousin and gravestone buddy  has photographed and researched this ancient burying ground. Whenever I want to visit, I just have to pop the CD in my computer drive and I'm there.

Thanks Kathy for the great post!


Kathy said...

Thanks Midge for the nice comments. My husband and I had a nice visit to this cemetery a couple of years ago! I didn't really know how to pronounce the name - thanks for the tip. Living here in RI we have lots of Indian names - like the street I live on "saugatucket".

Ruby Coleman said...

So glad you showed us how to pronounce it. I had been pronouncing it wee-kee-wock. :-)

Midge Frazel said...

Before I traveled there to see it, I saw the pronunciation on this Web page.

Carmen Johnson said...

I'm a Thomas Minor descendant too...I have a photo of the grave but I thought I got it from you, Midge...Ruby - what are you doing up here...I'm used to corresponding with you on Johnson Co., TN folks!