Thursday, August 05, 2010

Glenwood Cemetery Sign

Glenwood Cemetery Sign
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Medium sized and large cemeteries often are forced to display their rules because of the lack of common sense on the part of people visiting. I am always glad to see this type of information posted. I can tell you that this type of sign works in this place because this cemetery is very well kept.

A LOT of people were in the cemetery for the ceremony on Memorial Day when I took this photo. People probably wondered why I was taking a photo of the signs.

Since the "other" entrance is across the street from my daughter's home, I imagine I will be a frequent visitor to this place. It is "back to back" with a Catholic cemetery which looks just as well kept.

When learning about being a gravestone enthusiast, I read that it is a good idea to take a photo of the sign with the name of the cemetery and a photo of the "instructional sign" if there is one.


Russ said...


I have been taking photo's of this type of signs to remind me that the next pictures were from this cemetery. Since I have a GPS enabled cell phone, with camera, I have started to take a photo of the sign with it, to get the GPS information.

When I next visit a large cemetery with ancestors, I will probably take a photo with this camera, again for GPS information for the headstone.

With GeoTagging, now available, I am sure it will help in the future.

Thanks for the reminder.


Ginger Smith said...

Another sign contributing to a clean and well-kept cemetery -